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Using big data changes a PR strategy into a well-substantiated PR strategy. But how does it work exactly? Our creative strategist and data specialist Sid de Koning explains.

Sid, why would we use data in PR?

Human behaviour is often unpredictable. That is, it’s hard to predict the best approach based on your gut solely. So how do you find the best way to make a story live in the client’s target group? By analysing data you can get better insights in the interests and behaviour of different target audiences. That knowledge helps getting the relevant content to the relevant people at the relevant time.

What kind of data are we talking about?

Literally any type of data could be useful. You name it: the weather at a certain location, purchase data in a certain period, geographical elements, seasonal influences, SEO analyses and so on. A fair share of these data is publicly available. Government websites offer data sets as do the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics. But you could also get your data from the client’s website analytics, customer care and retargeting data from prior campaigns. There’s more than meets the eye. Combining multiple data sets helps predicting behaviour. That’s information we can use in the campaigns we develop.

What is the main advantage of using data?

Instead of focusing on the target group ‘sporters’, we could target ‘sporters between the ages of 14 and 18 years in West-Friesland’. Using big data analysis we know the exact needs of a specific target group or how the group has changed compared to a prior period. We are then able to come up with a story that’s way more relevant than if it would have been a general story for sporters.

Basically you fulfill everyone’s needs...

Exactly! Compare it to seducing a woman. Your pick up linesfirst words are never the same. It depends on the moment of the day (lunch time or late night), the city (New York or Budapest), the country, the kind of bar you are at and so on. I want to be super relevant to her, so my story will always differ, even if it’s just a little.

What’s the big difference of this new way of working compared to the ‘old days’?

We used to send one press release to all media. Now we send different messages to different media. Because we know who wants to read and know what. A journalist is an extension of their reader. If we know what the reader wants, we know what to put in the press release to convince the journalist.

Does that mean we’ll only approach niche media?

No, that’s not the case. Look at it in another way: all media have become niche media. We look at every paper and know what’s interesting to their readers. Slight differences in approach can make all the difference for being published or not.

In what stage is big data now?

Globally it’s quite developed already, but language barriers in Dutch make the use of data a bigger challenge. Lots of data sets are in English. In English you can already automatically generate press releases. In Dutch that’s not possible yet. Still, huge opportunities for big data in PR lay ahead, even here. By combining data analysis with an analogue personal twist, we’re already starting to see great results. And those will only get better over time!

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Big data
Date 11 May 2020

”We work together with a dedicated team at Het PR Bureau. A great mix of creativity and PR expertise. In close collaboration with their network in media, influencers and behind the stage, they make plans happen.”

Esther ter Braak - Brand Manager

“For a startup brand like ours, it was extremely important to see frequent media coverage. Het PR Bureau has laid the foundation for our growth from Amsterdam to 6 other cities in the Netherlands. Despite our relatively modest budgets, we were able to achieve enormous coverage together. I look back on a number of activations with great pleasure.”

Vincent Hosman - Country Manager Nederland

"Netflix was ​​looking for the best suitable communication partner in every country. This could also be a 'local hero', as long as they are big enough. For the introduction of Netflix in the Netherlands and Belgium, we have partnered up with Het PR Bureau. The desired Service Level Agreement was new to Het PR Bureau, but they adapted very quickly and it soon surfaced. Within the international framework, they surprised us with their proactivity and creative ideas."

Joris Evers - Vice President Netflix, Head of Communications Europe, Middle East & Africa

”The uniqueness of Het PR Bureau is that the people are able to both think on a strategic level and at the same time roll up their sleeves to set up an event or activation. A high-quality one-stop-shop in the field of PR, that is what we were looking for and what we ultimately found in Het PR Bureau.”

Wieteke van Hunnik - PR & Communications manager

“In de zoektocht naar een bureau dat ons merk in de Benelux kon introduceren, kwamen we na een intensieve oriëntatie bij Het PR Bureau uit. Hun netwerk, ondernemerszin en drive gaven de doorslag. We waren onder de indruk van hun professionaliteit. De strategie van het bureau is dat ze VAPs (Very Adorable People) op cruciale posities aan het werk zetten. Intussen hebben we, sinds de start in 2011, ruim zeven jaar samengewerkt. Ik kan gerust stellen dat Het PR Bureau een belangrijke rol heeft gespeeld in het groot maken van Spotify in de Benelux. "

Alison Bonny - Communicatie Directeur EMEA, Spotify
Zilveren Kruis

“Het PR Bureau is a smart, professional group of people with nice perspectives where I felt at home immediately. Especially in a very difficult market such as the insurance industry, in which many interests play a role and which has many limitations, they did very well. I regard Het PR Bureau as a premium agency. With such a partner you can be assured that your campaign will be executed impeccably.”

Walter de Reus - Brand Manager